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Peter Kraker, Katy Jordan and Elisabeth Lex take a closer look at one particularly opaque metric, the ResearchGate Score, and suggest they' ve found a real contender. I also notice that some colleagues use ResearchGate like a chess board and game it.

You can download from here: researchgate. Researchgate 0 citations.

Improving your stats. Discover scientific 0 knowledge and connect with your peers from anywhere with the ResearchGate app.

Keep up with the latest research in your field and choose what you want to read later. Researchgate 0 citations.

How do PhD students feel when they see zero citations of their articles on ResearchGate? ResearchGate is where you discover scientific knowledge and share your work.

Reads is a simple metric designed to show you exactly how often research is being accessed on ResearchGate, in real time. For one, the distribution of citations within a journal is.

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We count and display the number of reads for each publication on ResearchGate,. ad by GradSchools.

Advance your research. Citations are a complex beast because of the confluence of factors from above that it takes to get a citation.

Google Scholar Citations lets you track citations to your publications over time. Journal Impact Factor is released!

Researchgate 0 citations. This release of Journal Citation Reports provides data.

Keep up with your stats, including reads, recommendations, and citations of your work. 0 Here is how i feel about 0 citations.

Since authors may upload preprints to researchgate ResearchGate, it may use these to provide early impact evidence for new papers. ResearchGate has launched its 0 own citation index researchgate by extracting citations from documents uploaded to the site and reporting citation counts on article profile pages.

My citation number in Google Scholar are in the thousand and in ResearchGate they shrink badly to less than 311. Most of ResearchGate' s users are involved in medicine or biology, though it also has participants from engineering, computer science, agricultural sciences, and researchgate psychology, among others.

Share your work from any stage of the research cycle to gain visibility and citations. ResearchGate publishes a citation impact measurement in the form of an " RG Score".

Maybe some king of audit is needed. Connect with your peers and message them directly from your mobile.

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