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2019-02-17 14:19:28

Stud # 1 40 amp ( maxi fuse? Service ride control.

There is a message in the in the cluster control it said " service ride control ". Service ride control.

" I' m not even sure what that means, but assume it has something to do with the air ride suspension. ( Hence Service ride control) So, now you have to buy rear shocks and a compressor.

Two weeks into owning an ' 03 Denali here, and I am now getting a message to " service ride control. Service ride control means that the auto- leveling system has malfunctioned and is in need of repair.

The ride control system controls both the shock valving at the front and rear of the vehicle plus the ride height at the rear of the truck. It means your rear shocks has a leak and the compressor kept pumping it until it died.

Do you own a late model GM vehicle and are experiencing a service ride control system message? Hi there I hav a problem with a GMC Yukon XL.

) under the hood in fuse panel upper most left fuse RTD 30 amp under the hood in the fuse. It is a pretty complicated system so it is not as simple as a fuse or relay failure.

ALLDATA Support provides self- help articles and videos designed to save you time and get you back to work. Usually this is caused by the compressor going out, or at the very least shutting it' s self off after not being able to level out the car.

I took it to the mechanic, and only the C0660 code was diagnosed. How to fix service ride control code on a Cadillac?

If you lose pressure in the air ride portion of the system ( line or shock blows out the compressor will stop running after 5 minutes if the Ride Control Computer doesn' t detect a change in the height of the. This system is controlled by Electronic Suspension Control module.

and repairing the suspension. Service Suspension System Message - GM Ride Control Diagnosis.

You get instant access to product and account support. GM SUV “ Service Ride Control” Message Tech Tip.

IGN3 10amp inside the car to the left of the steering wheel in the fuse panel. Easy job but expensive parts.

My Cadillac Escalade has the service ride control message that keeps appearing, and yesterday the Stability SYS disabled and the service brake system message appeared. Service ride control.

When I driving and press the brake slowly the pedal it f. For our retail site, please visit: www.

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